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Computer security is one of the major issues in the present day world. Any computer is always at a risk of getting a virus infection. This can spread from one computer to another through networks, internet or CD, DVD and USB drives. The viruses are capable of deleting data and may cause file damage and affect system performance.

It is essential to have updated anti-virus software installed in your computer at any time. We, at Defrag Solutions provide you with round the clock online assistance for quick diagnosis and removal of any virus, spyware, malware and worms.


  • Installing and updating anti-virus software

  • Scan for harmful virus and eliminating them

  • Provide you with useful information for safe surfing

  • Protect your personal and important data from hackers

  • Set up firewall in your system

  • Keeps your computer up to date

  • Manually remove rouge software

  • Reset Internet Explorer proxy setting

  • Virus Diagnosis

In order to prevent any major damage to the computer due to virus attack, it is important to diagnose and remove the viruses from the computer immediately. The speed of the computer getting slow noticeably, any unwanted error messages that pops up in the screen or the programs stored on your computer taking time to load are few of the checks to detect if the system has been infected by a virus. If you find any of these just call our technicians for virus removal assistance. We take utmost care in detecting the type of virus by running a scan for all folders and files and quarantine any virus or spyware detected by the virus diagnosis program.

Virus Removal

Once the virus or spyware is diagnosed our qualified technicians will help you remotely in removing the virus, spyware or malware which is infecting your system. Defrag Solutions takes extra effort in safeguarding your computer from virus, worms and spyware. Our virus removal method is very effective and quick.

Spyware/Malware Removal

Spyware or Malware is a common term for files that are installed on the system without the user’s knowledge which allow companies to monitor the user’s internet activities. This malicious software can change the computer configuration and can even collect personal information that can be difficult to detect. Spyware and malware removal is a must for every computer.