Speed up your internet or solve all your internet problems

The internet is a global system of interconnecting computer networks to serve billions of users worldwide, with its enormous size and vast range of information it does tend to generate few problems to business users and home users in their scope of usage. Defrag Solutions provides you with unlimited outstanding tech support for internet related issues, irrespective of the type of internet connection.

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Our scope of services includes:

  •  Configure internet connection and install web browser on to the computer

  • Manage TCP / IP setting

  • Enhance the speed of internet by making required changes in the window

  • Remove cookies for fast browsing

  • Customize web browser for further optimization

  • Configure firewall setting to check virus, spyware and other threats

  • Install an effective firewall to protect emails from phishing and hackers

  • 24/7 remote support for any types of issues with internet connection

So enjoy smooth browsing, secure online banking etc. with our support at an affordable price. Just buy a plan and have our expert technicians round the clock to help you with all the computer related problems and