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Setup and installation for all major PC products, internet and networks, just call our toll free and get up and running

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 Setup and installation for all major PC products, internet and networks, just call our tollfree and get up and running

Every time you buy a new machine or upgrade your old one, you need to build and configure your machine from ground up such that all the software applications that you were using are installed on the machine and you have all the data ready as per original machine. Our team of certified experts can help you do just that and more.

PC set up does not only mean installing computer components of a new computer. There might be many other issues that need to be dealt with appropriately while setting up your PC. You may face problems while upgrading your existing PC as well.

Defrag Solutions team undertakes installation and set up of:

  • Security & Firewalls

  • Microsoft Support which includes Windows repair, Windows 8/7 upgrade, Windows XP upgrade, MS office installation, MS office troubleshooting, Outlook upgrade and recovery etc.

  • Softwares of all types

  • Operating System - Mac & Windows

  • Internet & Networks

  • Data Back-up

Defrag Solutions team is equipped with expertise and experience to address not just your PC Set Up problem but also satisfy your technical needs no matter how complicated they are. We offer support for set-up and install as well as repair services for your computer and other connected devices such as printer, scanner, etc.

We help you to install operating systems newly or upgrade from the existing one. Our PC experts also help to download, install and configure software utilities. In addition, you will also get assistance to protect personal set up from malicious attack and many more. Our company holds a team of certified system engineers to provide you a consistent tech support with newer technologies and updated knowledge-base.